Buy, Sell, and Invest in independent data cooperatives governed by code.

Computable's open source protocol enables a fair economic system and decentralized governance structure for organizing and sharing data on the Internet.

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A more ethical way to organize the world's information. Here's how.


Creators launch new cooperatives to pool data resources in pursuit of a common purpose.


Makers gather and supply data and receive compensation whenever their data is used. They collectively govern the cooperative and curate its contents.


Buyers browse and license vast quantities of compliant 1st party data that was previously inaccessible to the public.


Patrons invest ETH to financially support and grow a cooperative and participate in its governance.

The Data DAO.

A new home for public collaboration.

In Beta

A data cooperative is a collaborative dataset bound to a common use case and supported by a community of participants. Anyone can start a new cooperative or participate in an existing one by supplying data or providing financial support.

Explore our beta cooperative, The Data DAO, currently open to all types of data. Get a feel for the platform and start dreaming up your own data cooperative projects and applications.

A screenshot of the new Computable app.

Our Values

Built in code, not just words.

Built on Ethereum, the Computable protocol's governance and accounting processes are transparent and secure through open source code.

  • [1
    Makers have full ownership over their data and may decide to sell or freely distribute it.]
  • [2
    Data has real value that can be fairly measured and compensated.]
  • [3
    The public deserves fairly governed space to explore and collaborate on purposeful work.]
  • [4
    The use and distribution of data should be transparent and its handlers accountable for their actions.]

Let's Make the World