Our Values

At Computable Labs, we build things with purpose, passion, and reason.

We are diverse.

We can only beat unconscious bias with conscious effort. We will actively build a diverse team and an inclusionary environment.

We are global.

We live in and build for a connected world of people co-existing across national, cultural, and religious boundaries.

We are empirical.

We don’t pretend we know how to fit a curve to two dots. We don’t jump to empty conclusions. We are experimentalists who root our decisions and beliefs in as much ground truth as we can uncover.

We are always learning.

We strive for self-improvement, and we get better together. Personal growth is not limited to a single discipline, function, art or craft. We know what we don’t know, and we work hard to fill in those gaps.

We trust in accountability.

We trust one another to hold ourselves accountable for our work. Each of us takes pride in success as well as responsibility for shortcomings. Accountability means having the humility to ask for help when needed. Trust means offering help when asked while giving room for others to succeed.

We work in the moment, but for the future.

We are long-term thinkers and right-now doers. Building the future we want drives us and guides our goals. Being in the moment and focusing on the task at hand is how we actually get there.

We are long-term idealistic, short-term pragmatic.

We have ambitions to make the future world a place that reflects our values but we respect the present world and its practical constraints. Before we tear down any fences, we will understand why they are there. We acknowledge that building the future we want requires working with the reality we live in.

We are scientists and technologists.

We embrace our responsibility as stewards of science and technology. We will not take for granted any influence and impact we may have on people with the things we build.

We take care of our own.

We won’t always agree, and we think that’s great. We will, however, always do our best to build one another up. We measure a large part of our success from witnessing the success of our colleagues both professionally and personally. We strive to set our colleagues up for success while at the company and also beyond.

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